Friday, November 16, 2018

Don't cry because its over.....

In a few short hours I am going to close this chapter of being the mum of a school aged child. What does one do when there are no more book packs to pick up, uniform shops to visit or school shoes to acquire?
How many thousands, if not millions of colored pencils, crayons, rulers and erasers and rein-inforced loose leaf A4 sheets of paper have come through my front door?
How many socks have I washed, sports shirts have I folded and muesli bars have I bought?
How many times have I clapped my hands together at school concerts and awards nights at other peoples children, but OH - when it was my child - it was a more loud clap with gusto and beating heart - hey world - that's my child!!
The years of schooling children may have seemed like it was never going to end, but what is that saying... all good things come to an end... and in a few short hours as I drive out of the school grounds after my youngest child's graduation service, I reckon I might be a little or a lot - emotional.
Having children to raise is an honor, a gift and responsibility from God - Who by the way was always awake when I needed to call on Him for strength, guidance and help with the task of raising said children..
How many bottles of tears are there, both of joy and heartache - that He has kept from my mummy moments that often were hidden from those who initiated those moments?
Never again will I get that tight chest and feeling of panic when a little voice said - its book week next week! I'm sorry kids, I was not one who relished the idea of putting together some magnificent attire of some book character - that just wasn't me- but somehow because of my desire to gain a smile, I got a few dressups together and celebrated Book Week. (Occasionally!!!)
So in a few short hours after 28 years 10 months and 16 days - not counting or anything - my role as the mum of school aged children will be made redundant..
No longer needed in that capacity..
I will need to find a new job description. Oh I will always be a mum that continues to be my greatest honor and role, but it will be time to add to my resume..
So thank you God for entrusting me with 4 amazing, wonderful unique humans to call my own, to my Husband who has worked tirelessly to pay for it all, and most importantly to my children who have given me so  many reasons to smile and get out of bed each morning.
I think I wont rush next monday morning and sit on the veranda in my jarmies and toast the school bus with my cuppa as he doesn't  have to stop for us anymore..

and begin a new chapter then, and wait and see what life will hold when all the kids have finished school...

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  1. This is the MOST beautiful post!!!!!! I love this and I hope that this new chapter in your life will even bring more fulfillment!!! :)

  2. Oh my, Lizzy! Know just how you feel. I only had two kids to get through school and, although it was many years ago that they finished (my oldest is about to turn 50!!!! .. and how did that happen????), I still remember the joy, the frustration and, yes, some heartache too, during that time. Yes, you are beginning a new chapter in your life but things don't really change all that much do they, when kids leave school. No matter what they do, or where they go, with God's Blessing, they will always need Mum and Dad for love and support, and we will always be there for them. Take heart Lizzy!! Your job's not done yet, it has simply taken a new turn!! Big hugs to you and I wish Nisha all the very best for the future! xx

  3. Awwww.... Lizzie - this is the most beautifully written post - everything you say is 100% so true! That is a LOOOOOONG school mum career you’ve had.... but toast away & welcome to Life After School!!!!

  4. What amazing sentiments Lizzy so heartfelt,doesnt matter how old they are you will still always be Mum.

    You have raised beautiful children are are blessed,Hugs Trish x

  5. Oh my gosh Lizzy, you have made my heart full of joy, sadness and pride for you. Wow. I love your perspective. We only have 7 more years and I too will be in your position. I do look forward to the days of no more school routine but then what do we do? I will be saving this post for when that day comes. Congrats to you on an amazing job raising your children. xxx

  6. The end of a season. I am sure the next season will be awesome ❤❤❤

  7. Love that you documented with your emotions!

  8. Beautifully written Lizzy. I can relate to all you've said and now, just as you think it's time to sit back and relax, you have the utter bliss of being a Grandmother. They too, bring light and love into our lives and so the circle begins again. Blessings to you and yours. xo

  9. Well, there's still the
    Enjoy this new chapter in your life!

  10. I think the fun has only have a granddaughter plus higher education to commence yet!!! These memories are your foundations for so many new will look different and you are still 'mum'. Your are blessed and I am sure grateful.

  11. Beautiful words Lizzy, and yes time flys past way to quickly . My childrens school days have been long over and I look back on them with happiness and gratitude for them. For the friendships made and those days when we sat in the school hall with our chests beating with pride. But a new chapter will begin and before you know it you will be sitting in the school hall with your heart swelling with love and pride for your Grand daughter. You will most likely have days of school pick up , grandparents days ect and a little hand will slip into yours and its the best feeling in the world to hold that little hand. Wishing your Daughter all the best in her future ventures, yep its just a new beginning Lizzy x

  12. Your post brought tears to my eyes, Lizzy. ( remember the day I sent Katie off to college, now she's working. Time flies. Anne is still in high school!!) You are the most amazing mom and I want to wish you and your beautiful daughter best wishes and congratulations! I cannot wait to see what the future brings for all of you! HUGS!!!


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