Monday, November 16, 2020

Scrapmatts Creating for November.

 Hello there..

How are things with you? At the moment the weather here is very hot.. a little hint of summer not too far away perhaps..  but a good opportunity to stay indoors and do some creating..  well I hope so!!

I am just popping up my creating that I have done for my Design Team work for Scrapmatts.. I am still shaking my head that we are half way through November.. crazy..  anyhoooo.. 

I have created two layouts this month.. you can check out the details and closeups over on the SCRAPMATTS BLOG POST HERE!!!!  

The first layout I created was using a photo of my Son who learnt to play the drums when he was in High School..  The photo was captured during one of his many jam sessions and I reckon it is a fantastic moment because I know how much he moves when he is playing the drums.. Not sure who took the photo but as with a lot of the photos I use I 'borrowed' it from facebook!!!

Live every moment..

and the second layout has a photo of my Daughter when she visited the Brisbane Ekka a few years ago.. She may live in the city but she has country in her heart!! She was able to get really close to some cows as they were resting in their stalls.. 

Love is kind.

(I do love those cute little cow chippies!!!)

Thanks for coming by and checking out my blog. It seems to be that not many blog these days, but I still like to as it is my record of my scrapping.. And thanks to those who leave me a comment, it is so nice to read your words and know you visited.. 

Take care.. I hope life is being kind to you.. 

Until next time..


  1. Hi Lizzy! We've had some hot weather as well the last couple of days. Was so grateful that it cooled off today. I'm afraid I'm more of a winter person.
    Love both of these pages. Great colours and such lovely designs. Wonderful memories, so beautifully documented.
    We're heading into restrictions again unfortunately. After 7 months of no community transferred cases we now have 17. Hoping and praying that there won't be any more and that those 17 people will be alright. Not looking good at the moment. Take care Lizzy and stay safe. hugs xx

  2. These are absolutely GORGEOUS! LOVING those music notes on the first one and the flowers on the second one!

  3. Yes, it's crazy how fast time is flying by - it will be 2021 before we know it! And it's just starting to get very cold here in the USA! I absolutely LOVE both of the layouts that you made - you are so talented and I am thankful that you share your talents with all of us! Have a wonderful rest of your November, Lizzy! Take care and stay healthy, my friend!

  4. These layouts are so different but really eye-catching. I love the one with your son...such an artsy and cool page. And the second one with the beautiful floral clusters that you do so well.

  5. Ohhhhh wow Lizzy both layouts are just gorgeous so glad you visited my blog hugs Amy 💜


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