Friday, October 01, 2010

something different...

in the early years of scrapping i did some 'funny' things.. well i thought they were at the time.. like cutting up the photos, or cutting out bits of the photo.. but now i have seen these things done in many other layouts.. and they aren't so unusual at all really!!!
like cutting the photos to make the letters of a word...(this layout was done in 2007)

 or totally cutting out the background to just have the bit of the photo you want like just my daughters face and bunny ears in this easter layout (2008)

or what about staging the photo so it can be used in the layout.. like this one where my daughter looks like she is holding the letters!! (done in 2007)

or cutting out the photo to fit the layout (looks like my daughter is hanging off a big 7!!) (this layout was done in 2008)

its all good fun really! that is what is so good about scrapbooking... there are no rules, and you are only limited by your imagination... so i hope you have some fun ideas from this...  and have a great day!!


  1. I think it is fun to take a look back at how we use to scrap!

  2. tee hee you are brave to show these Lizzy Mine are tucked safely away...and I must say those monochramatic layouts are just so beautiful


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