Monday, August 01, 2011

and off she goes..............

well last week was such an emotional week for me.. my daughter Hannah flew out of Brisbane on thursday bound for London. So last week was pretty much spent helping to get her away.. i did make a travel journal for her to take away with her. we had an afternoon tea on the sunday for some of the rellys and they got to write something in the journal for Hannah to look at while she is away.. the journal is a Kaiser one and i did use a mix of Kaiser papers to cover it .I kept it flat for easy packing.. no bulky embellishments... how very blessed we are to live in this age of technology as we have been able to catch up on skype with her.. so stay safe Hannah.. we miss you and love you... but happy travels.

 thanks for 'flying by' I hope your week is going great!!


  1. what a lovely travel journal you have made..i hope she has a great time ...and for you take care!

  2. What a great Idea Lizzy, my two neices are going OS next month so i may just do one of these for them to.

  3. Oh, this is gorgeous! What a wonderful idea, I'm sure she loved it. Take care, it must be really hard for you to see your daughter traveling so far all by herself, but I'm sure she'll have a wonderful time in London:)

  4. This is beautiful! What a great thing to send with your daughter! Hopefully it chock full the next time you see it!


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