Friday, July 22, 2011

a scrap sell off...

i am a bit sad to post this but my friend Rhonda is going out of scrapping and is selling her stuff.. i have a link to her blog post where you will find her email address for further details... Rhonda is a wonderful scrapper who has been published many times and who has been a great source of encouragement and inspiration to me.... but i do understand and wish her all the best enjoying her love for her horse.. as a horse lover i know how precious the bond can be... so for further details pop over to Rhondas blog or email rhonda on thanks...
and some of Rhondas layouts to share with you... i will miss your scrapping Rhonda..... i know our friendship will continue on....


  1. O this is said news but horses taking lots of your time .I understand this sometimes you can not do it al.....even if we want to!

  2. These are gorgeous layouts....I am so tempted to contact Rhonda, not that I need anything! I have so much already but, you can always have more?

    Thankyou so much for visiting me.

  3. Lizzy you're so sweet for your thoughtful comments on my blog.
    I can see what a lovely friend you are too. I can totally understand Rhonda's commitment. There is only so much time give.
    Whatever nourishes our soul is where our heart is. Good luck with her selling and let her know she has created some beautiful pieces of art
    Take care,

  4. these are beautiful Lizzy.... Goodluck to Rhonda also :) You are a good friend to her x


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