Thursday, August 19, 2010

if you could do it all again, would you change anything?

In October 2009, i was part of a challenge which asked us to take our first scrap layout and re-do it. this is my redone layout using the photos from my first scrap page. Of course my ability had improved because i now had punches and materials and experience  i didn't have in 2006. i don't think i changed the essence of the first layout but only enhanced it, for example i hope i highlighted the joy and excitement on the face of my youngest daughter as she commenced another year with a sparkler and photos.
the age old question of would you like to go back and change the past and what would you do has re-surfaced for me today as i went to a funeral of a very lovely man. but i think i am who i am today because of yesterday. and i don't think i would like to go back. and that is a reason i love scrapbooking. it is to create a layout that captures a moment, a moment from the past, to be reminded of today.
so i think that makes every layout we do something special. because it is created by our hands and our hearts at THAT moment of time, no matter how long or how new we are at  scrapbooking.
i hope you have had special moments in your day today....


  1. It is such a different looking LO but still it captures everything so beautifully. I can't wait till you start sharing more LO's with us!!

  2. gorgeous photos and gorgeous LO Lizzy. love all the flowers.

  3. Love what you did with your layout Lizzy but most of all love your comments that each layout we create is about who and what we are "right now".


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